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January 2, 2008
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Avatar: Toph Grows Behind by SuraKuraAnon Avatar: Toph Grows Behind by SuraKuraAnon
Back with more Avatar Transformed art. This time, it's Toph: The Blind Bandit. Despite the common convention of doing a Toph age progression which I'll probably end up doing later anyway), my interest was peaked at a suggestion that I received on my last picture. Toph getting a butt expansion. I give much thanks and credit for the idea to :iconbioyugi: The idea was out of the ordinary. And it just amused me. And it only got more amusing as I drew. So I started drawing out sketches for the idea. And this is one I settled on coloring. And seeing Toph, a 12 year old girl, with a ridiculously huge pair of buttocks is just too amusing to pass up. And I know, I'm sure Toph would quickly figure out that it wasn't her clothes that were shrinking, but I just couldn't resist using that line. Sorry.

Background turned out alright. Was going for a sort of Western Air Temple feel. Started putting in a pillar, but it just blocked out too much of the background, so I took it out. As for her pants, I'm still trying to get down drawing and shading stretched clothing. I'm pretty satisfied with how it looks. And I think Toph turned out pretty well.

In the future, I really would like to draw comics with these transformations happening and what happens afterward. Because that's one of the best parts of these things to me. It's not just it happening. It's how people deal with their changes. How it affects the way they do things. Only problem is that it's a lot of work just for a single panel, much less a whole comic. Ah well. We'll see how things go.

At any rate, enjoy.


Avatar © Nick
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omg she got a big ass!
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niiceXD now can u do the top?
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Oh How I love it. Can you make a full comic?
Wolvenfire86 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2009
You've done so many awesome pics, why didn't you draw a bimbo-ized Toph?
fire235 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2008
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Lol. something bit her behind and swelled like that !
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Hah! This is kinda like the sory i made!
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